What we are brewing

Raw Revel's early-stage experiments to shape our sustainable future. Keep an eye out for some of these exciting concepts to be launched soon by Raw Revel.


A place to discuss and revel around sustainable fashion topics including useful details like where I can recycle sustainably near me.

  • Raw Revel Marketplace

    where you can buy and sell used clothes that are stylish, sustainable, and affordable. Whether you are looking for a vintage dress, a trendy jacket, or a cozy sweater, you can find it on Raw Revel Marketplace. You can also sell your pre-loved clothes and earn some extra cash while decluttering your closet. This is more than just a marketplace, it is a community of fashion lovers who care about the environment and want to reduce waste. Join Raw Revel today and discover the joy of pre-loved shopping!

  • Raw Revel Recycle

    Do you have old clothes that you don’t wear anymore? Don’t throw them away, recycle them with Raw Revel and we take the hassle away.

    • Refresh & Renew: We clean, repair and revamp clothes for you in a sustainable way
    • Recycle: Clothes that are not suitable for renewing or donation are recycled.
  • Donate through Raw Revel

    Raw Revel Donate program is aimed at helping people give their used clothes a second life by donating them to their choice of non-profit organizations from a list of partners that we have.

    Our partners are organizations that work on various issues such as poverty, education, health, environment, and human rights. They will use the donated clothes to help people in need or to raise funds for their causes.