Unveiling the Truth: Transparency in Sustainable Clothing Retail

Are you tired of the fast fashion industry? Step into a world of sustainable clothing while understanding every step of the way what impact each piece of clothing had on the environment and the world around us.


Supply Chain & Manufacturing Transparency

Here at Raw Revel, we take transparency around supply chain and manufacturing in clothing seriously. From verification and audits to 3rd party certifications, we leave no stone unturned to be fully accountable.

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Retail & Sales Transparency

How much do my clothes cost to manufacture vs. how much do I buy them for. We convey all the information for you to make an informed decision.

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What if your contribution to sustainability when you buy from us

How much impact do you generate in terms of sustainability when you shop with us. Whether its from carbon neutral products to non-profit initiatives, each one counts and you contribute towards its success.

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