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Three Good Habits To Keep Your T-shirt White

When it comes to everyday fashion essentials, perhaps nothing is as widely preferred as the plain white T-shirt. Whether it's jeans, skirts, heels, or sneakers, the white tee can be paired with them all for an effortless look. And, it's no wonder that when you have found the ultimate white tee – the one you will keep wearing till the end of time – you want it to remain as white and new-looking as ever. So, it can be quite disheartening when you take it out of the washer, and it is not as white as it was when you put it in.

It is quite challenging to understand how to keep white clothes white. They seem to readily lose their fresh whiteness and become yellow with time. They also seem to attract quick product buildup and the worst stains, making them dingy, dirty, and unusable. But, it’s not a lost cause. A little bit of care and a tiny bit of knowledge about fabrics is all that is needed to figure out how to keep clothes white.

Tips on How to Keep White Clothes White

When it comes to knowing how to wash the white clothes, there are three key points to consider: 

  • Removing the stains
  • Following the best laundry practices for white clothes
  • Knowing how to store your white clothes

Once, you have cracked the formula for these three main steps, you will easily be able to know how to keep white clothes white.

Here are a few tips to help you tackle these pitfalls of caring for your white t-shirt and helping you learn how to wash the white clothes to lengthen their life and maintain their original whiteness.

Wash the White Clothes Separately

One of the most common mistakes that people who don’t know how to wash the white clothes make is to put them into the washer together with garments of different colors. Since some dark shades bleed during the wash cycle, they can stain your white tees and cause them to become discolored. The best way to avoid this is to wash your whites in a separate batch, so they can maintain their brightness.

Clean Stains as soon as They Occur

Washing out stains on white clothes as soon as they happen is an essential step when it comes to keeping white clothes white. As soon as a stain, spill or splatter occurs, wash it under running water or dab at it with a stain-removing detergent. On the go? Keep stain pens or wipes handy to get rid of stains quickly. And, when nothing else is available, a hand sanitizer can also make for a good stain-removal agent.

Wash and Dry your White T-Shirt Inside Out

Washing your clothes creates abrasions that result in pilling and linting. To avoid this, wash your white t-shirts inside out, so that abrasions happen on the inner side of the tee, while the front side remains unaffected. Thus, your white t-shirt will remain fuzz-free and new-looking for a longer time. 

White t-shirts should also be dried inside-out to prevent the outer side from fading under direct sunlight and retaining its bright white color. 

Always Use Oxiclean to Wash White Clothes

Oxiclean is one of the best substances when you are looking for ways on how to keep white clothes white. This stain remover and fabric conditioner can be added to the washer with your load to quickly brighten your white clothes. It can also be made into a thick paste with warm water and rubbed on hardened and stubborn stains to remove them for good. Oxiclean is gentler on the clothes than regular bleach, so it won’t damage the fibers and keep your white tees looking white for longer.

Do Not Tumble Dry your White T-shirts

Give the tumble dryer a miss and dry your white t-shirts under the sun. Most cotton fabrics shrink during the drying stage. Since white tees are mostly made of cotton fabric, it is advisable to keep them away from the tumble dryer to preserve their longevity and durability. 

Not using the tumble dryer also has the added advantage of preserving the environment. A tumble dryer requires almost five times the energy of a normal washing machine, so avoiding its use reduces your carbon footprint substantially. 

Choose Personal Hygiene Products with Care

Most white T-shirts start turning yellow due to the effects of the personal hygiene products we use. Most lotions, antiperspirants, deodorants, self-tanners, sunscreens, makeup, and hair products can stain white clothes with their color, thus making them look dingy and old. Thus, always let these products dry out complexly on your skin before you put on a white t shirt.

Store your White T-shirts in the Right Manner

You should always store your white t shirts by folding them and laying them on a flat surface. If you hang them for a long time, the knit material of white t shirts can stretch and cause it to lose its shape and fit. However, if you need to hang your clothes for any reason, use wide hangers to evenly distribute its weight. Also, make sure to insert the hanger from the bottom to avoid stretching the neckline.


Although it is difficult to maintain the whiteness of your white t-shirt if you follow these tips on how to wash the white clothes you will be able to do so. These tips will help to make your white clothes more durable and long-lasting for you to flaunt them for as long as you want. So, take care of your white clothes and keep making style statements as you go along. 

Now that you know how to keep white t shirts white, take a look at Raw Revel’s selection of sustainable and ethically produced white t shirts. These tees are made from organic cotton and recycled materials to reduce their carbon footprint, making them an eco-friendly mainstay of your wardrobe.

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