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Sustainable Practices for a Greener Future

The fashion industry has always been notorious for its excessive environmental impact. Be it wasteful manufacturing practices, creating hazardous waste, or depleting natural resources and water, the fashion industry does it all. It is also a known fact that the fashion industry has one of the largest carbon footprints as compared to any other industry. However, nowadays more and more consumers are becoming aware of these harmful practices and are conscious of their purchase choices. Thus, there is a rapid shift towards sustainability in the fashion industry. People are giving up on fast fashion trends and picking up slow fashion styles that can transcend the test of time. Brands have also climbed up the sustainability bandwagon – they are experimenting with organic and recycled materials and natural dyes. 

But, it's not just brands and designers that need to be mindful of their production choices. We should also be doing our part to reduce the carbon footprint of our wardrobes. Adopting ecological practices and making mindful choices will go a long way in preserving the environment. Here, we’ll talk about a few practical sustainability tips to help you contribute to a greener future. 

What is Sustainability?

Before we go into finding sustainable lifestyle tips, it is important to know what sustainability is. The ability to meet the needs of the present generation comprising the ability of future generations to meet their needs is known as sustainability. It’s a concept that involves lifestyle choices and practices that find a balance between environmental, economic, and social considerations to ensure long-term practicality and availability. 

It broadly involves taking action and making decisions to reduce negative impacts on the environment, prevent ecological degradation, and promote economic prosperity. It also strives to minimize the use of natural resources and waste generation. Keeping in mind the rapid rate of environmental degradation, sustainable living has seeped into all aspects of life, including fashion. 

Sustainable fashion refers to the comprehensive approach of the fashion industry to produce clothes with minimal impact on the environment. It is driven by a set of principles implemented across design, manufacturing, distribution, retail, and purchase stages that promote sustainability in fashion.

Sustainable Lifestyle Tips for a Greener Future

Now that we have a better understanding of sustainability and sustainable fashion, here are a few sustainable fashion tips to promote a better and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Go for Quality Over Quantity

One of the first, and perhaps, the most important sustainability tips is to embrace quality over quantity. The fashion industry was all about fast fashion just a few years ago. To stay in line with a fast-paced change in trends, everyone was buying low-cost and low-quality styles that fell apart quite quickly. However, if we want to follow sustainable fashion, it is imperative to do away with these impulsive buys. Go for high-quality pieces that are designed to be long-lasting. Pick up timeless and durable designs that will stand the test of time, so there is no need to replace them at regular intervals.

Embrace Sustainable Fashion Brands

When it comes to sustainability tips in the world of fashion, choosing ethical brands is important. With the advent of sustainable fashion, lots of brands are following eco-friendly practices that support the environment. Brands like Raw Revel have made sustainability their entire working model. Pick your next styles from these sustainable brands. Look for brands that are certified for Fair Trade or Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and support safe working conditions, fair wages, and ecological production methods.

Mend and Upcycle

If you are looking to incorporate sustainable fashion tips into your lifestyle, you can start by upcycling any old pieces that you own. Extend the lifespan of your clothes by trying to repair any damage before you discard them. Learn basic sewing skills like tucking in buttons, fixing seams, or patching holes to rectify small damages right at home. And, you can always go use the help of a tailor to mend anything that you can’t. You can also get creative and upcycle old styles into new looks to stay in touch with the latest trends.

Go Thrifting for Vintage Styles

Shopping at thrift stores is one of the sustainability tips that gaining immense popularity. Give new life to old clothes by shopping at thrift stores or picking pre-loved styles to reduce the need for new productions. Shopping for second-hand clothing also has the added advantage of preventing perfectly good clothes from ending up in landfills and reducing waste generation. Plus, you can showcase a statement-making style and add some character to your wardrobe with these unique pieces.

Pick Sustainable Fabrics

Go for organic and recycled fabrics that are made keeping sustainable practices in mind and have minimal environmental impact. You can choose materials like organic cotton, Tencel (lyocell), hemp, or bamboo. You can also go for recycled polyester which is made from plastic waste from the oceans. These alternative fibers have lower carbon emissions and require fewer natural resources for their production.

Wash Your Clothes With Care

This two-in-one sustainable lifestyle tip not only reduces water and energy consumption but also helps to extend the life of your clothing. Always read the wash-care instructions carefully and wash your garments only when needed. Use cold water, go for eco-friendly detergents and air dry your clothes to minimize their impact on the environment.


Sustainability is the need of the hour, and we need sustainable living tips for a greener lifestyle. You can start leading the march towards sustainable fashion by setting an example and following the sustainability tips mentioned above. Talk about your sustainable fashion choices and encourage others to join this walk towards a greener future as well. 

Sustainability is the latest trend in fashion, and it's time to make eco-conscious choices the norm rather than the exception. Check out Raw Revel’s sustainable fashion catalog and make a meaningful contribution to reducing the environmental footprint of the industry. Because every purchase has the power to shape the future of sustainable fashion.

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