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Sustainable Fashion - A Green Revolution in the Industry

There’s one thing that we know about fashion – it's ever-changing. Fashion has always been known for its ability to create and celebrate trends that transcend society. However, behind its glamorous and extravagant persona, the fashion industry has a troubling reputation - at least with the planet Earth. Turns out, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), making a single pair of jeans requires about 3,781 liters of water. And, that’s just one piece! 

About 93 billion cubic meters of water is used to make the trendy clothes we wear – every year. This demand for fast fashion also contributes to almost 10 percent of global carbon emissions and half a million tons of plastic waste. Keeping our wardrobes updated with all the latest color stories means that the fabric dyeing and treatment process creates about 20 percent of all wastewater.  

That said, it's not all a downhill ride. As more customers become aware of the detrimental effects of the fashion industry’s operating model, a need for sustainability in fashion has taken shape.

Sustainable Fashion – Unraveling the Green Revolution

The concept of fashion – as we know it – has shed its glamorous cocoon and donned the cape of sustainability. It has moved away from the era of fleeting fast fashion trends and heaps of discarded styles towards more ethical and environmentally friendly practices. This shift is the result of a growing wave of eco-conscious buyers who are demanding much more than trendy picks for their wardrobes. As more and more consumers demand clothing that’s more ecological and less wasteful, sustainable fashion has become the way of life.

What is Sustainable Fashion?
Sustainable fashion refers to the comprehensive approach of the fashion industry to produce clothes with minimal impact on the environment. It is driven by a set of principles implemented across the design, manufacturing, distribution, retail, and purchase stages that promote sustainability in fashion. 

Why are Sustainable Fashion Practices on the Rise?
The current state of affairs has made sure that sustainable fashion is not just a mere preference anymore but an absolute necessity that consumers have embraced wholeheartedly. Fashion sustainability practices have taken over the global market and are on a rapid rise. Let’s take a look at why.  

  • It is friendlier to the environment: Sustainable fashion practices work towards reducing the use of excessive water, adopting safe and eco-friendly chemicals, and lowering the overall carbon footprint of the fashion industry.
  • It encourages social responsibility: Ethical fashion sustainability practices are designed to reduce the prevalent exploitation of labor in the fashion industry and improve their quality of life.
  • It curtails waste generation: Practices of sustainability in fashion aim to create evergreen, good-quality clothes that can be worn for long, thus reducing the waste that discarded styles produce. 
  • It promotes creativity in design: Fashion sustainability has given designers a diverse array of eco-conscious material options that they can use to give wings to their creativity.

Green is the New Black - The Advent of Sustainable Fashion Brands

Now that the fashion industry has hopped onto the bandwagon of sustainability many sustainable fashion brands have taken center stage. Sustainable fashion brands work with the ideology of combining style with sustainable practices to craft trendsetting clothes that can be worn for ages. Some of these brands have found their niche in designing clothes using organic fibers like Tencel, hemp, or bamboo, while others are repurposing recycled materials like plastic bottles and fishing nets to create their catalog.

Raw Revel is a sustainable fashion brand that was founded with conscious consumerism at its core. The brand has a deep commitment to sustainability and providing a greener future to the world of fashion. By keeping quality over quantity, they aim to combat the alarming impact of clothing waste on the planet and reduce its carbon footprint. To meet their green revolution goals, Raw Revel follows quite a few sustainable fashion practices. Here’s what they do to keep you looking great while making the planet feel great too. 

Minimize their Carbon Footprint

To make sure that they don’t add to the already challenging environmental conditions, Raw Revel has taken up several initiatives. These initiatives aim to reduce the fashion industry’s carbon footprint. One of these trends is BORO (Buy One, Return One). A sustainably clever take on fast fashion’s BOGO trend (Buy One, Get One), BORO allows customers to return one piece of old clothing for every piece they purchase from Raw Revel. Thus, enforcing the three tomes of sustainability – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Reduce Water Wastage
Raw Revel designs are made of 100% organic cotton. Irrigation of organic cotton requires much less water and none of the harmful pesticides that are presently contaminating our water bodies. 

Cut Down on Water and Land Pollution

The brand also uses recycled polyester to create their clothes. This recycled polyester fabric is produced from non-biodegradable plastic bottles that would otherwise find their way into the oceans or landfills and add to the pollution. 

Stop the Contribution to Wastewater

Raw Revel’s fabric colors come from natural, non-toxic dyes that are gentle on the skin and have minimal impact on our waters.

Advocate for Slow Fashion

The brand believes in creating high-quality products that can stand the test of time and stay relevant even in the future. This approach significantly reduces the rampant consumption of fast fashion and minimizes clothing waste. 


Sustainable fashion was once a niche market segment catering to a select few, but the increasing sensibility around environmental impacts and their long-term setbacks has brought it to the forefront. While the fashion industry is standing on the brink of a green revolution, it's more imperative than ever to support sustainable fashion brands like Raw Revel. Because, style is not only about making a statement but also taking a stand for the planet and future generations.

So, let's join Raw Revel’s mission to redefine fashion. Explore their sustainable collection and do your part towards contributing to the sustainable fashion movement. Together, let’s make a positive difference – one stylish outfit at a time!

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