What is organic cotton?

What is Organic Cotton and Why is it Better

In the era of sustainable fashion, when every purchase we make has a lasting effect on the environment, natural fibers and fabrics have become the norm. Natural materials can be grown using less water and no pesticides; hence they contribute to protecting freshwater resources and combating waste generation. 

When it comes to natural materials, organic cotton is, perhaps, the most widely used. It has become a beacon of ecological and ethical consciousness in the fashion industry. More and more brands and designers are embracing this humble textile to create their collections to stay true to sustainable practices. And, a larger number of customers are looking for organic cotton clothes to add to their wardrobes. But really what is organic cotton? And what makes organic cotton stand out from the sea of other fibers? Let’s find out more about it. 

What is Organic Cotton?

Spun from the fluffy fibers of the cotton plant, organic cotton is more sustainably produced than regular cotton. It does not require any chemical fertilizers or pesticides for growing, needs less water for irrigation, and doesn’t cause rampant soil erosion. Thus, it protects the environment and also provides a stable income for its cultivators and farmers. 

Just knowing what is organic cotton is not enough to know the complete extent to which this fiber has taken over the fashion industry. Its advantages extend far beyond ecological, economic, and ethical sustainability. It is more durable, softer, and has a higher quality. 

How Organic Cotton Established Its Roots?

Knowing about its origin can help us understand what makes organic cotton superior to regular cotton. The concept of organic cotton came into being when the cultivation of regular cotton was extensively harming the environment. It relies on the principle of growing plants naturally, without the use of harmful chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. It also doesn’t involve the use of genetically modified seeds. The process of growing organic cotton strictly follows the cultivation guidelines set forth by organic certification bodies. These guidelines emphasize practicing sustainable farming by following crop rotation, encouraging natural pest management, and maintaining soil health.

What Makes Organic Cotton More Beneficial Than Regular Cotton?

One of the major reasons for organic cotton to become increasingly popular is its minimal environmental footprint when compared to other fibers. Its pesticide-free growth supports biodiversity,  prevents solid pollution, and reduces water consumption. The absence of toxic chemicals also helps in keeping the farmers healthy. But that is not all. Numerous other reasons make organic cotton better than conventional cotton. Let’s take a look at these reasons.

It is More Eco-Friendly Than Conventional Fibers

Apart from its natural cultivation, without the use of pesticides and chemicals, organic cotton also requires less water, fuel, and energy. Thus, it has a lower carbon footprint. Using organically grown cotton has a far lesser environmental impact as compared to regular cotton and also protects the health of farm workers who grow it.

It is Safe to Grow and Manufacture

The cultivation of organic cotton is safe and easy. Similarly, the manufacture of organic cotton fibers and fabrics also follows strict safety protocols. Organic cotton manufacturers strictly adhere to these rigid standards to make sure that the product they make is not only safe to use, but also helps the environment. They also keep the high ethical standards of Better Cotton Initiative, Fairtrade Cotton, and FLO International in mind to stay true to sustainable practices and promote organic cotton.

It Is More Durable Than Conventional Cotton

The production of organic cotton follows strict guidelines, hence they are grown with more care and attention. Therefore, any fabric produced using organic cotton is more durable than normal cotton clothes. The chemicals during harvesting and processing damage conventional cotton fibers, making them weaker and less durable. Although the lifespan of cotton clothes is about two to five years, organic cotton clothes can last longer than that. This will help in building a sustainable wardrobe and reduce individual carbon footprints.

It is More Soft

Organic cotton is often more soft and comfortable to wear as compared to normal cotton. This results from the fact that it has longer fibers that are not damaged by excessive processing. It also uses a natural hand-picking process, keeping the fibers safe from breakage or fracture and making the resulting product smoother and thicker to the touch.

It is Cheaper to Produce

Since growing organic cotton does not require the use of chemicals, synthetic pesticides, and fertilizers it is much cheaper to produce as compared to regular cotton. It also only uses naturally grown seeds for cultivation, thus keeping away from the expensive genetically modified seeds. The absence of pesticides and chemicals also reduces the use of storage facilities, thereby reducing farming costs. This is what makes organic cotton much cheaper than regular cotton.

Doesn’t Cause Allergies or Skin Concerns

As growing organic cotton doesn’t involve the use of chemicals or pesticides, there are no residues left behind. Thus, people with sensitive skin can avoid allergies by using clothes made from organic cotton. Organic cotton clothing has a softer feel on the skin as well. So, many customers have shifted to buying organic cotton only. 


Embracing organic cotton clothing is one of the major steps towards supporting sustainable living. This fiber is much safer to produce, it is environmentally friendly and also cost-effective. Organic cotton clothes are also more durable and softer, thus reducing clothing waste and, in turn, land pollution. They are also natural and protect farmers and consumers from health issues. Nowadays, lots of brands have started using organic cotton to produce their clothes and support sustainable fashion.

Now that we know what is organic cotton and what makes organic cotton better than conventional cotton, take a look at Raw Revel’s collection of stylish organic cotton clothes. Take your pick from stylish and eco-friendly choices and make a difference, one purchase at a time.

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