How we recycle

At Raw Revel, we believe in giving clothes a second life. The current clothing recycling system is often wasteful, with many clothes ending up in landfills or being shipped overseas. We're committed to finding better solutions for clothing recycling.

The Problem with Traditional Clothing Recycling

The traditional clothing recycling system has a number of problems. Many clothes that are donated for recycling are simply thrown away because they are not in good enough condition to be reused. Other clothes are shipped overseas, where they can end up in landfills or polluting the environment.

Our Solution: Rebag & send to us

We offer a ReBag program that makes it easy for you to recycle your unwanted clothes. Simply request a ReBag from our website and fill it with your old clothes. Then, mail the bag back to us using the prepaid shipping label that we provide.

What Happens to Your Clothes?

Once we receive your clothes, we sort the clothes carefully. Clothes that are in good condition are reused and given a second life. They maybe listed on our Thrift store or donated. Proceeds from sales are shared with you in terms of Cashback. Other clothes are recycled into new materials, such as insulation or fiber for new clothing.

By recycling your clothes with Raw Revel, you can help to reduce waste and protect the environment.